About The Artist

Being an Artist was no coincidence, Robin was born into a family of Artist , musicians and photographers, as a matter of fact all of them shared two or more of the same talents, starting with her grandfather. She however was blessed enough to be not only gifted with music and art but just as equally created and talented with most of the things that she does with her hands on the very first try. Robin have been blessed enough to have a crayon or paint brush in her hand from the very tender age of two, assisted by experienced Artist on a regular basic. She never attending college for Art instead she chose to become a nurse so yes she is self taught. Robin learned so much about Art history and mixing colors from watching her Aunt Gloria Green. Miss Green taught Art for over 30 years and was one of Maryland's top Art teachers for the district for several years, currently she is retired from teaching full time but has embraced working as a photographer and a visual artist part time. "I can remember a time watching my aunt make t-shirts for her AKA sorority in my grandmothers basement and seeing that as a little girl, well that was inspiring" . Here I am years later embracing my own talent with customizing shirts and hand painted apparel, Art is my life and for that I am grateful for. These are the exact words from the Artist